Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Again

Our trip to Tucson and on to Ontario California is now a warm memory. At the Tucson Show, we visited with old friends (and new!) and had two fun dinners with my "old" roommate (Brooke's) and her husband who recently retired to Phoenix from Butte, Montana. There's a contrast for you! My friend hasn't joined too many clubs or groups in Phoenix yet, except the Gardening Club in her complex and she says gardening is quite a bit different in Arizona than in Butte which is at 7,000 feet!

Road to California is a great show and always very exciting with all the great quilts, special exhibits and, of course, our vendor friends. We were happy to discover our booth was next to Ricky Timms' booth and had some nice visits with Ricky and Justin. For a look at Ricky's "interview" with John, click here and look in the Quilt Show's Blog. It is pretty funny! The Quilt Show

Kate worked like a little fiend while we were gone, doing custom pre-cut kits and designing another pre-cut kit for us to sell in a week or so. The quilt block is called "Arrowhead" but the sample doesn't have an official name yet. Any ideas?


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not in a Panic

Tomorrow John and I leave for our two week swing to Arizona and California and back. Everything (well, almost) is ready and we just have to stuff it all in the van. The two shows are the Tucson Quilt Fiesta and Road to California. Contact information for both shows is in the "links" section of the website, if you are interested.

Last we heard, the roads are not great until we get to Southern Utah. We have the wonderful "Finnish Ice Tires" on the van, so we'll have good traction. It is always the other folks on the road I worry about. Of course, I usually fall asleep in the van, so John won't have much advice on driving from me.

As I work on cleaning up my desk before leaving, I remember this little quote "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk a sign of"?