Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's nice to be home. Kate and I had a fun but fast paced trip to Quilt Market in Portland. There is a lot of new fabric coming our way. Portland is about 1,000 miles away so it was a long drive. I learned that other drivers are a lot nicer to someone driving a Honda than they are to a someone driving a 13 passenger van. Oh well.

John and Kate are busy getting ready for Martha's Sewing Market in Arlington in mid June. One of the classes John will be teaching at the show is Arabic Lattice and Kate designed a new set for it yesterday. John has the top pieced already, isn't it great?

I'm working on the website and getting a newsletter ready. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bright Days Ahead

We are back from vending at our last show for a while. The next one isn't until mid-June; I know, it's not that far away, but we are all looking forward to catching up and actually having a weekend off! Kate and I are driving to Portland, Oregon tomorrow for the Spring Quilt Market, but that is to BUY, not to sell.

Our last show was a regional machine quilting show in Salt Lake City, beautiful this time of the year. It is a nice show and not nearly as crowded and hectic as some of the bigger ones. I believe they had some good educational opportunities and there were some very nice quilts there. John won a ribbon, 3rd place in his category. He liked winning a prize, but did not like having his picture taken! I would probably feel the same way! The quilt is "Supernova", machine quilted on the Multi-Frame, of course.

Well, trying to tie up loose ends before the big drive tomorrow.