Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cutting Edge

Did you love your Cutting Edge and wish we still made them? Someone is auctioning off miscellaneous rulers and a Cutting Edge on Ebay. Here is the link Ebay

Good luck


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

International Quilt Festival

"It appears to me, upon reading the class schedule for the quilt festival in Houston this Oct., that John Flynn is teaching all day for the first three days of the show. Will he be demonstrating his quilt frame at any time? Will you please consider posting this on your blog in lieu of a personal email. Thank you. Ramona H."

Well, this is how it usually works at Houston. John has classes during the day, but comes down to the booth to give Kate and me a break on his lunch hour. (He does stop for a "show dog" on his way back to class) So someone will always be demonstrating in the booth and, if you come by right around lunch break, John most likely will be there.

The Houston show is one of our busiest, not just because of the large crowd, but John is also on the Board of the International Quilt Association which has it's annual meeting on Wednesday, I think. If you want to join IQA and support their beautiful annual quilt show Click Here

Well, thanks for asking Ramona and hope you get a chance to stop by and try the Frame. We just got a new Janome 6600 and are enjoying using it with the Multi-Frame.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everything's a Game

John and I are back from the AQS show in Nashville. It is a long drive, believe me. We were being very brave but we were only about 160 miles from home when the road construction on the two lane highway started. Pilot cars, water trucks and the whole deal and in at least six spots. We are home safe now, however and back to work. It is a little sad to know we won't be vending at the Opryland facility for the next few years. It is such a beautiful facility - really it's just a great big carefully tended greenhouse.

Kate and her friend Jaqi had fun packing batik strings in our new Chinese take out boxes this morning. They also packed boxes with strings of reproduction fabric. Very pretty - the batik take out boxes are in the web catalog already. Delicious!

John is getting ready to "tape" an episode for "The Quilt Show" with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms. He leaves for La Veta early next week. His class will be Pickle Dish and variations - I am not sure when it will be available on the internet but we will let you know when know more.

We missed the hot weather in Tennessee and the hot weather in Montana - lucky us!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Tiny Storm at Sea

Each year, the International Quilt Association, the organization that sponsors the judged quilt show at International Quilt Festival, has a miniature quilt auction as a fundraiser. Last year, Brooke, John and Kate each made a little quilt for the auction. Brooke's quilt raised about $60, John's over $200 and Kate's close to $300. So there is a little competition going on here, because we are all going to donate quilts again. Kate's is already done, except the binding. John is busy piecing his. Brooke's pieces are all cut out - so she is far behind.

Here is a picture of John's little quilt in progress.

More news, the fire at Red Lodge is mostly OUT, 85% contained. The smoke is out of the air, hooray! Brooke and John leave tomorrow to vend at the AQS Quilt Show in Nashville, Tennessee. (The van is getting new brakes right now) We haven't been out vending for a while so it will be good to see our friends and meet new folks. Come by if you have time!


Monday, August 4, 2008

More Boots

Great Uncle John's cowboy boots were a lot of fun and a big crowd pleaser this weekend. These cute, smart girls are our grand nieces who visited for lunch on Sunday, in spite of the smoke.

We also had a Trivial Pursuit contest; mixed results. I am pretty sure we won the last game, there was some confusion. There were also too many sports questions; I can usually figure out a good percentage of the questions but not in sports, please.

Good news about the Cascade fire; they have it 44% contained which is a big improvement over the first part of last week. Lots of heliocopters and slurry bombers working over the ridge from us; one million thanks to these firefighters and to all firefighters.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekends are Great

We are just leaving for Red Lodge for a weekend of barbecue and Trivial Pursuit. Even though it is still smoky from the "Cascade" fire, we are upwind enough that I think it will be fine. I attended theTown Meeting about the fire last night and, even though the fire is up to 10,000 acres now, things went better yesterday and there are now fire lines in place. So can't worry too much about that, the experts are doing their very best.

Here is Kate's latest pre-cut kit called "Kite Eating Fence". She is having too much fun; this is in the web catalog and is just right for a quick summer project - only $30! Our website http:/

Wish us luck in the Trivial Pursuit contest; we are a little rusty!