Friday, August 15, 2008

Tiny Storm at Sea

Each year, the International Quilt Association, the organization that sponsors the judged quilt show at International Quilt Festival, has a miniature quilt auction as a fundraiser. Last year, Brooke, John and Kate each made a little quilt for the auction. Brooke's quilt raised about $60, John's over $200 and Kate's close to $300. So there is a little competition going on here, because we are all going to donate quilts again. Kate's is already done, except the binding. John is busy piecing his. Brooke's pieces are all cut out - so she is far behind.

Here is a picture of John's little quilt in progress.

More news, the fire at Red Lodge is mostly OUT, 85% contained. The smoke is out of the air, hooray! Brooke and John leave tomorrow to vend at the AQS Quilt Show in Nashville, Tennessee. (The van is getting new brakes right now) We haven't been out vending for a while so it will be good to see our friends and meet new folks. Come by if you have time!


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