Monday, July 28, 2008


Some of you have heard about the wildland fire, Cascade, that started Saturday in the Beartooth Mountains west and south of Red Lodge. Thanks you for your concern, so far things are okay.

Right now, the fire is "zero" contained, it is such a steep area. It is an Incident One fire now, which means that the crack firefighting teams, slurry bombers etc are working on it. About 200 families have been evacuated. Our home is about 5 miles from the fire, mostly to the east and we haven't been evacuated at this time.

We are hoping for cool weather and no wind. Here are a couple of websites, if you are interested. It is a front page story today. Also, you can go to our website to the Links button and at the very bottom is a link to Red Lodge, Montana. There is a web cam for Red Lodge Mountain Ski resort there and you will see that they have their snow making machines spraying water all over the slopes to slow the fire down if it gets closer.

We are keeping our ears open to see if we need to gather things (quilts and pictures) up and head out.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Made for Walkin'

How many quilters sit at their Singer 1591 sewing machine and polish their cowboy boots?

John leaves tomorrow to teach in Nebraska. Then he is home until we head for Nashville in late August.

A new quilt is hanging on the wall, an eight pointed star - it will show up here and in the pre-cut kit section of the catalog in the next couple of days. It's handsome!

Stay cool


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Maggie Agrees to an Experiment

Okay, here is the story. Maggie lives with Kate and Kevin. She is a miniature Australian Shepard and is a very good dog. She loves the sprinklers and chasing the sprinkler as it turns is her very favorite. If she is inside, she still tries to lick the sprinkler through glass door. Go, Maggie, go.

The experiment, of course, is to see if I can really put a video on the blog. If it works, we'll do some videos of quilt related stuff.

Let's go run through the sprinkler!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Delightful Woman

Kind, wise, funny, a magical gardener and great cook. And many other things to all of us - John's Mom died early this morning. We will absolutely miss her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Work

How was your Fourth of July? We enjoyed the parade in Red Lodge and had a modest houseful for barbecue. Everything went well - the homemade ice cream was definitely soft serve but tasty. Better the next day! We enjoyed all our company but especially the grand nieces, 3 and 5.

Kate and I are helping John get packed for his workshops in Flagstaff Arizona. The following weekend is a state convention in Chadron, Nebraska so he will be on the road and on the road and on the road. I will post pictures of some of the kits he is taking later - there are some nice ones.

You might be interested in what T Boone Pickens is saying about wind power, about foreign oil, about natural gas and about the presidential campaign. For myself, I do think it is really unfortunate to depend on the countries who hate us for such an important commodity. You can check him out at this link.

Stay cool!