Monday, July 28, 2008


Some of you have heard about the wildland fire, Cascade, that started Saturday in the Beartooth Mountains west and south of Red Lodge. Thanks you for your concern, so far things are okay.

Right now, the fire is "zero" contained, it is such a steep area. It is an Incident One fire now, which means that the crack firefighting teams, slurry bombers etc are working on it. About 200 families have been evacuated. Our home is about 5 miles from the fire, mostly to the east and we haven't been evacuated at this time.

We are hoping for cool weather and no wind. Here are a couple of websites, if you are interested. It is a front page story today. Also, you can go to our website to the Links button and at the very bottom is a link to Red Lodge, Montana. There is a web cam for Red Lodge Mountain Ski resort there and you will see that they have their snow making machines spraying water all over the slopes to slow the fire down if it gets closer.

We are keeping our ears open to see if we need to gather things (quilts and pictures) up and head out.


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