Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moose and Quilt

This is a really big moose.  I'm not sure what she is thinking but maybe she was meditating.  She wasn't eating or exploring; she just stood still and chilled for a while.  She really was huge.
John has finished his contribution to the 2010 International Quilt Association's Silent Auction Fundraiser.  This little quilt is 18"x18" and is called "seedling".  It is machine pieced and quilted.  No, it is not paper pieced.  And no, Kate and I are not finished.  Kate is hand quilting and I still have borders to put on and then frantic machine quilting.  I'll bet a lot of you know about frantic machine quilting.  Well, back to work.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And South from Alaska

I have just returned from back-to-back trips to Eureka, Montana and Petersburg, Alaska. I am having a hard time deciding which trip I enjoyed the most.

Eureka is in the far corner of Montana from me. You can get farther from Red Lodge and still stay in Montana but you need four wheel drive. I taught classes for three days before the annual Eureka Outdoor Quilt Show that happens the first Saturday of August each year. I had to get back home to fly to Petersburg so I did not attend the show but did get to help in the preparation. It is really great to see a whole community get together to celebrate quilts.

While in Eureka I stayed at the Pruett House bed and breakfast. I woke up every morning thinking “I’m not worthy”. If you are looking for a great quilt retreat next August, make a reservation at the Pruett House and sign up for a couple classes in Eureka, Montana and see the outdoor quilt show.

I got to spend 4 sunny days in Petersburg, Alaska. They claim to have over 100 inches of rain a year but the weather was beautiful for me. I stayed at the Feathered Nest Bed and Breakfast in Petersburg. Liz is a quilter so she understands everything a quilter could need and will make you feel like you are home. I loved walking around Petersburg. I had taken a rain jacket just to insure it would not rain and it was so warm out, I kept leaving it in every shop I stopped at. In an hour or so I would figure it out and my jacket was always there when I went back. I kept thinking that this time I would lose it and it would start raining but it never happened.

Classes were not as full as I would have liked but when you looked out the window, it was hard to get that good-fishing-on-a-sunny-day image out of your head so I do understand. I ate their great fresh fish three times a day and am having a hard time adjusting back home. Next time I am in Petersburg I will be fishing, you can be sure. I could always ship those old quilts home to make room for fresh fish in my luggage. Petersburg quilt week is the second week of August if you want to go. It is right on the ferry route so you can stop in Petersburg and continue to tour the rest of Southeast Alaska. They have a great little quilt shop and several long-arm quilters to visit plus you can get fresh fish almost anywhere along the way.


Friday, August 13, 2010

North to Alaska

Our barbecue was fun; there were quilters there and so we had show and tell!  Lots of interesting people came; one of my favorite guests was the little boy who loved the love seat I recovered in fake cowhide plush.  It is an acquired taste.  The barbecue was pot luck; John cooked pork loin which is almost always a hit.  Here is a picture of the cook getting ready to carve and guests and quilts!
About Alaska, John left EARLY on Wednesday for a trunk show and three classes in Petersburg.  He sent a picture of the harbor from his cell phone yesterday; wow, it is a pretty spot.  And the seafood is as good as you would expect; I'm jealous. 

The weatherman has promised a cool weekend; just right for sewing.  My project is a miniature for the IQA Silent Auction.  Kate and John both have their projects pieced but maybe I can sneak ahead of them while they are busy with other things.

Have a great weekend!