Wednesday, August 27, 2008

International Quilt Festival

"It appears to me, upon reading the class schedule for the quilt festival in Houston this Oct., that John Flynn is teaching all day for the first three days of the show. Will he be demonstrating his quilt frame at any time? Will you please consider posting this on your blog in lieu of a personal email. Thank you. Ramona H."

Well, this is how it usually works at Houston. John has classes during the day, but comes down to the booth to give Kate and me a break on his lunch hour. (He does stop for a "show dog" on his way back to class) So someone will always be demonstrating in the booth and, if you come by right around lunch break, John most likely will be there.

The Houston show is one of our busiest, not just because of the large crowd, but John is also on the Board of the International Quilt Association which has it's annual meeting on Wednesday, I think. If you want to join IQA and support their beautiful annual quilt show Click Here

Well, thanks for asking Ramona and hope you get a chance to stop by and try the Frame. We just got a new Janome 6600 and are enjoying using it with the Multi-Frame.


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