Friday, August 10, 2007

For the Silent Auction

John, Kate and I are all making little quilts for the 2007 Silent Auction to benefit the International Quilt Association. John is also a Board Member and has been working with the makers of the annual Raffle Quilt.

Well, these quilts are not so grand as the Raffle Quilt, but may raise a little money for IQA, which puts on the annual Quilt Show at Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. A lot of work for all those volunteers. John's Wheel of Mystery quilt has 3" blocks. My Attic Windows has 2 1/2" blocks. Kate is working at home on a Storm at Sea.

Tomorrow is our son's 30th birthday. Time flys and he is a great son. He reminded me today about the meteor shower this weekend; how is that for knowing your Mom!


Rainma said...

I enjoyed your website. It is amazing how far quilting has come. Me, I still do most of mine by hand. But will check out your frames!

kaye Wood said...

Great idea John. I'll look for them in Houston

GemmaG said...

Bravo, it's always a good thing helping our craf grow, here in Italy quilting is still hidden but we are working hard for make us known abroad.