Saturday, February 16, 2008

Box Full of Cat

Patch the cat keeps us company in the shop when we are working on the pre-cut kits. He would love to help us in the office also, but we try to keep his visits to the office to a minimum. He drools when you pet him, for one thing. The other thing is that he will disappear when you aren't looking and nest down in either the fabric or in John's quilts. We usually catch him before he does that though.

He is lots of company for us and completely different from Anna, the Siamese, who only likes to be around humans when John is out working in the garden. Another odd cat.

We finished packing for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia today. It was a little harder than usual since Kate and I will be doing another show the following weekend in Puyallup, Washington so we have to divide things up. John leaves tomorrow so let's hope for no snow, and none of that icky freezing rain which I think is lots worse than snow.


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Elaine Adair said...

We Nebraska quilters are looking forward to your visit to Chadron in July!