Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rock Creek

I am back from vending at the Martha Pullen Market in Arlington, Texas. While not a "quilt" show, there were lots of things for quilters to see and do and buy! The heirloom christening gowns were a sight to behold and to admire. You should go to one of the Martha Pullen events when there is one in your area - wow!

John is resting for a few days in Dallas before flying out to teach at the Vermont Quilt Festival this weekend. Repacking the three suitcases of quilts we had with us in Arlington was one of his projects. Vermont is one of his favorite teaching venues.

Kate and Kevin took this picture of beautiful Rock Creek in high water. Rock Creek is swift enough that you need to be careful of it even when it is low - your feet can go right out from under you. No fishing when it is this high but the water rushing by is great for a sound night's sleep.


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