Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye Old Stove

The stove is over 30 years old. We think the trouble started when we had it converted from propane to natural gas. The pilot light no longer works so we have to light it with kitchen matches - I realized a few mornings ago that the smell of sulphur matches reminds me of camping, pleasant memories, but not enough to redeem this stove.

The oven is an entity all its own. We haven't been able to bake in it for years; partially because a friend helping clean one afternoon scrubbed all the numbers off the oven's temperature dial with an SOS pad. But that isn't really what is wrong - we can't turn the oven on to bake but it is still on all the time at a very low temperature. Well, this is perfect for warming plates before dinner or our cocoa cups but I'm sure it isn't energy efficient. And lately, I have noticed the temperature is getting warmer. I have been worrying that one day I'll open the oven and it will be 400 degrees in there. So I will miss the warming oven, but not too much.

Because we are getting a new "range" this week. I will celebrate by baking - something. Maybe cookies. Or something wholesome like acorn squash. Probably a just a casserole, it is getting to be that kind of weather. Good bye, old stove.


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