Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Okay, That's Done...

Oh my gosh, the tile project is done! John laid the partial tiles around the edges on Friday and Saturday. Our son, Bridger, cut all the partial tiles on our new and trusty, noisy tile saw. John's sisters, Joan and Peggy, came up and helped us grout on Sunday and then I sealed the grout on Monday.

There was a slight interlude while we waited for the plumber to come fix the pipe John broke when he tried to reset the toilet by himself. A big flood of water hit the new tile when that happened!

So, the refrigerator is out of the living room, the washer and dryer are out of my bedroom, the toilet is out of the bathtub. The dining room table is still on the front porch, waiting to be reassembled with padded feet to protect the new tile.

We are sort of done with home improvement for a while. Quilting is better; you don't have to crawl around with kneepads or carry dozens of buckets of water in and out when you quilt!



PattiCakes said...

Wow. The tile is beautiful, and even more beautiful because it was a family effort. You must have quite a sense of accomplishment.

1. Bridger sure looks like John, even in his hunching over the tiles;

2. My SIL did the same thing with the toilet when he retiled a bathroom. Fortunately he has a "McGuiver" living next door who was able to rescue the situation.

3. Does John do curved piecing on the tiles?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I really just hate it when things like this interrupt my quilting :-) We had a leak in our laundry room, which meant new FLOOR, and flooring. We had to order the flooring and it took a week, then the guy who was going to put it in couldn't come for two weeks......... sigh, home improvement. It's not all that it's cracked up to be (TY!)

FLO_rancher said...

The floor looks great (c;(>
Love the color, maybe a little surprised you didn't use more colors and put a quilt design on the floor..just kidding. enjoy.
sew peacefully DEB};o