Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm not particularly stressed, right now, anyway, but this silly sign appealed to me. Actually, I don't drink coffee, don't drink vodka and no valium unless surgery is involved BUT it is nice to know that such a mixture is available.

Chill dudes



Anonymous said...

Make it a double!

Ah, that's better!
Judy B


There have been many a day when this would have been welcome. What a concoction!!

Doreen K. said...

I need one of those. I am in John's class tomorrow, Sat. and I am so excited. I am a new quilter and I hope the class is not far beyond me. Marilyn's quilt is called "Filigree". She brought it to guild on last Sat. It was so gorgeous and she is a wonderful person.

Flynn Quilt Frame Company said...

Now Doreen, I am not too sure about the combination of Strong Drink and rotary cutters. John really is a patient teacher and I know you will be fine and I hope you have lots of fun! Thanks for the name of Marilyn Badger's quilt - it is beautiful! Brooke

Linda said...

John & Brooke, thanks for a wonderful 2 days with the Dixie Quilt Guild. John IS a great teacher and very patient. John, you got an A+!! I'm impressed with all the cutting you all had to do before hauling it all down here. Incredible!! Linda