Monday, February 1, 2010

To Catch Up

I haven't posted to the blog for quite a while - first, we had our annual trip to Southern California for the Road to California Show.  It was as beautiful a California January as you could hope for and we made it out before the heavy rain started Sunday night.  The quilt show gets better and more spectacular every year and we enjoyed visiting with new and old friends. 

 A highlight of the road trip was seeing the Trumpter swans on the Snake River in Idaho - we look every year but this time there were a dozen or so.  John would tell you that the low point was stopping at IKEA in Salt Lake City; I wouldn't necessarily agree but the store is huge and crowded. I did manage to get a couple of kitchen things.

I caught a cold along the way somewhere and that is my excuse for not posting for a while.

Here are pictures of the wedding quilt John made for two of our young friends; we were able to give it to them last weekend at a gala Trivial Pursuit party.  The quilt is satin, hand quilted with YLI Jean Stitch thread and has a Matilda's Own wool batt.  Obviously, it is tough to take a good picture of satin; it just reflects so much light but it really is a pretty quilt and I think the couple likes it.   Oh, we came in second at Trivial Pursuit; it was close! 

Hope you are staying warm, wherever you are, and drive carefully out there!


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Kathi D said...

Well, you were here at a good time--it has rained and rained and RAINED since it started!

That quilt is gorgeous--I can't even imagine making a quilt from satin. It might give me nightmares just thinking about it. Slippery and ravelly! Yikes! But so smooth and cool when it's done.