Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tight Fit

Kate, John and I packed up the van for John's teaching engagement at International Quilt Festival in Chicago and for vending at the AQS Show in Paducah next week.  Since one show is right after the other, it is efficient to pack that way, but a little challenging!  The passenger's seat is completely full so I don't think there is one bit of spare space anywhere.  We tried to put the things he will need first on the outside of the load - I am sure something will fall out while he is trying to unpack.

The creek at Red Lodge is still very low; it just hasn't been very warm in the mountains yet so spring runoff hasn't started.  John had a few bites but only caught one trout; just the right size to share for breakfast!  Fishing is a lot like quilting, isn't it - practice makes perfect!

Kate and I have some quilting practice to do before we pack ourselves up for Paducah; better get busy!


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