Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Really Ugly Horse

Mid summer several years ago, I was doing a craft project at the table in front of our big south facing windows.  I glanced up and saw a big dark animal ambling by.  I thought to myself, "boy, that's an ugly horse!" and then realized it was a moose.  Well, yesterday, I in the same spot talking to a favorite aunt on the phone when I looked up and yelled "oh my gosh, it's a moose!" right in her ear.  I got pictures this time and she was beautiful, for a moose.

Here is a look at what was on John's design wall last weekend.  It is another variation of the Glorified Nine Patch with a black background and batiks.  The pastel version was very popular in Chicago, and at the show in Salt Lake.  This one sold out even faster.  I'll take more pictures this week because he has all the blocks pieced now and is putting the rows together.  I like it.

It is finally warming up here in Montana.  The creek should be rising soon!


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T said...

That's a really beautiful design, and one that I haven't seen before. Well done you!