Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Field Trips

No, not  to a quilt shoppe this time.  Saturday John and I went on a Geology and Ecology field trip up the Beartooth Highway.  I have looked forward to this trip for weeks and weeks. There were about 40 of us on the bus, and we learned a lot about the area we have been driving by in our cars for years.  My favorite was the little alpine tundra meadow, up at 10,000', with thousands of miniature flowers like forget-me-nots,  a type of red-violet clover and bright yellow geum.  We had a  beautiful day for the trip and here are some pictures

Then I went with some knitting friends to a yarn shoppe in Fishtail, Montana (really, that is the town's name!) called The Muddy Lamb.  It is a beautiful shoppe; we had a great time and left with many bags of yarn.

John is teaching in Knoxville right now - he doesn't need his jacket there!


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