Friday, October 29, 2010

Eighth Most Extreme...

"Satin String Star"
 Here is a picture of Kate's finished auction quilt; it is 12" square.  I really think it turned out beautifully and we hope it raises a lot of money for the International Quilt Association.  One year during the Silent Auction, she was ahead of John for a long time - he pulled ahead at the very last, though.

We have heard from John a couple of times today; he has been pretty lost in Oklahoma and blames the GPS.  We now know that the Ford Van will hold 33.6 gallons of gasoline; that is how close he was to running out of gas.  Too much excitement for me.

Okay, for the eighth most extreme thing we have forgotten for a quilt show, let me tell you about a Minnesota Quilters' show a few years ago.  Right at opening, we had some confusion with our neighbors on the right because they mistakenly plugged all their spotlights in to my power strip.  That isn't so bad except they didn't leave a place for my cash register and credit card swipe machine plugs so we had to crawl around on our hands and knees and get all straightened out under the table.  Then panic time quickly set in because the cash register would not work.  It whirred and churned and stuttered so I sent John to see if one of our vendor friends had an extra cash register and, unexpectedly, he found one. We were saved!  Later that day, I looked under the table again and realized that I had mixed up the power cords so the poor cash register was getting a lot more electrical juice than it needed and the swipe machine, not enough.  I felt kinda silly.

Flying out tomorrow with a good book and some knitting.  Have a great weekend!


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