Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sorry about the Snow

To the rest of our U.S. neighbors, I am sorry about the snow.  We like snow here in Montana. Our mountains could use more and I wish some of you folks who don't want it or need it or like it could send it back up here.  Please, please keep the wind, though.

This little deer, this year's fawn, really wanted to come inside with us and have a snack.  He was so cute I forgave him for eating every single geranium and petunia I put out this summer.

John is busy on another quilt for his exhibit at Road to California in January.  This quilt is about 86" square.  It fits fine in the basement so John can watch football and quilt.  He is using the Baptist or Methodist fan design which is traditional with Sioux quilters and variegated YLI Jean Stitch thread.  It is going fairly fast; he can really focus when hand quilting.

Don't forget, there is a holiday special to save on shipping of the frames, kits or frame stands.  See the website for details and the code word which is SHIPFREE.


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