Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June News

Two things - first our IPhone app is ready!  We have so many requests for John's trick for the Diagonal Pieced Back that it dawned on us, this would be a perfect app for a mobile device.  You could just stand in the fabric aisle and have the app figure out how much backing fabric you need to buy.  So now you can get in in the ITunes Store - it is called John Flynn's Calculator.  And there are two more formulas included - for the Braided Border with all its many, many combinations and for the rings of triangles in John's Feathered Sun quilts and in Pickle Dish variations.  So there is a LOT there.  Technology, fun, huh!

Second thing - we have a discount in effect right now.  The code is 38; because John and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary.  Does not seem possible; I think everyone says that but time really flies.  The discount is 15% off the merchandise total of $38 or more.  So, if you need a Multi-Frame, (and you really do)  you would get $22.50 off.

We just spent a very interesting week hosting some of the faculty members from the Red Lodge Music Festival.  Young people come to "camp" and have an intense learning situation with a faculty of really talented musicians from all over the country.  There are several recitals; some of the students and some of just the faculty.  I'll tell you, it is so great to be in a small audience with these great musicians, wow.  And it was so much fun to visit with our group of guests who were pianists and a cellist; we had some things in common - the travel, especially.  I may start brushing up on our old upright piano; where are John's earplugs?

The bear left pawprints in the muddy driveway this week.  Each time I go out, I wonder if I am making enough noise to scare her off.  I guess I should just make a bear bell a permanent part of my wardrobe.


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