Friday, May 25, 2012

Montana in May

Well, this is really not is pretty normal for Montana, especially near the mountains.  But, I'll bet it doesn't look like this today where you are (unless you are in one of Arctic regions)  I was really trying to get John to agree that it was time to transplant my tomatoes and especially, the cucumbers, outside because they are so ready but he said "wait until after Memorial Day".  Okay, good idea.  We have another couple of days of cold and snow and then 70.  They Promise!

I just spent a couple of days putting all the laser pre-cut kits Kate and John designed for the spring shows on the website.  You should take a look; they are a perfect summer vacation project (those of you who actually have summer weather)  Catalog

Okay, enough whining - John is reading and it looks like a good time to curl up under a lap robe and enjoy the last of the daylight and our unusual view out the window.  Enjoy the long weekend and, a sincere thank you to everyone who made our freedom possible and who protects it now.


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