Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter News

It is hard to settle down to office work when it is so beautiful outside!  We finally had some serious snow, it has cooled down enough so the snow may be here for a while and the world is crisp and bright and sparkly out there.  John is drafting on the table next to the big windows and I am making myself do tax stuff in the little office which is not next to the big windows.  But I did go out for a while this morning to snowshoe; it leaves very funny tracks in the snow.

So John and Kate are back from the Road to California Quilt Show; one of our favorite shows!  And the southern California location is a big plus.  Pre-cut kits were very popular; once folks buy one (oh, and sew it up, not just stash it), they are back for another.  The most popular kit at Road was the 1860s Arrowhead.  Check the kits out here.  Pre Cut Kits

John taught a hand quilting class at Road to California; he is always happy to see that interest in hand quilting has not died out.  We both like to quilt "both ways" and each has its place, for sure.  I have probably mentioned John's sewing machine collection.  He has over 40, maybe more, I don't want to know.  But a deal came up at the quilt show in Houston for a Singer 301, such a cute little machine and in great, great shape with all it's accessories, well, you get the idea.  Kate and John didn't tell me about it until they were on their way to Road to pick it up.  

We still have a few openings in next summer's Quilt Retreat here in Montana.  Two classes over 3 days, so you will get a lot done.  The classes will be variations of the 8 pointed or Indian Star design and on John's original Feathered Sun which features rings of triangles, no, not paper pieced!  You will be able to design a variety of curved triangle units (such at New York Beauty and Pickle Dish) after this class.  That is, if you pay attention and don't gaze out at the creek too much!  Call, email or sign up on the website to save your place in class.  We have fun and you and your family will like Red Lodge.  Sign up on the Website or call 800 745 3596.

Take care, stay warm and dry.  Brooke

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