Monday, November 12, 2007

Predicted: Storm at Sea

It's good to be back in Montana and to spend the weekend at Red Lodge, now chillier and darker than when we left! Ah, daylight savings time. It did snow a little tiny bit on Sunday and Brooke was up at all hours Saturday night (Sunday morning) looking for the comet in Perseus. Couldn't find it.
Here is John's trick when he wants to use the walking foot for a quilting pattern. He machine bastes the whole project on the Multi-Frame with Water Soluble basting thread in the top and bobbin. Then takes the project off the frame and uses the walking foot. This quilt is a sample for the kits we will be cutting for Benartex later this year - look for them in your quilt shoppe next year!
Now, I'm going to the McDonald Observatory's website to see if I can figure out where that comet is!

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog recently and love it. I will visit often. Love the bright colors you pick for your quilts.