Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We are all back from our trips to vend at Tucson, Arizona and at the Road to California Show in Southern California. No bad weather, pretty, pretty shows, fun visiting with quilter friends and vendor friends. John and Brooke had dinner with Sharyn Craig, whose last teaching engagement was at the Road to California (she is supposed to be retired - I heard of at least one more teaching job and then book promotion, so not so retired, really! She's a hard worker.) We have been given permission to sell the templates from some of her popular classes, so watch the Catalog for them - Hands All Around and Royal Cross and Glorified Nine Patch.

John and I came back through the Nevada desert and stayed one night in Las Vegas: no - no gambling for us. The hotel/casino where we usually stay has a movie theatre and we saw "Gran Torino"; we liked it. We drove through Idaho just as the sun was on the Teton Mountains of Wyoming - this is sort of the back side of the view you see most often in photos and it was quite clear.

Kate has the best pictures - I will get them from her and she can tell you about their trip down to Tucson. I warned her not to stop at one particular gas station in Southern Utah but didn't describe it well enough and, sure enough, that is where they stopped. They escaped without having "repairs" done, however.


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