Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Long time, no post. We had a good Christmas, presents and turkey dinner - a combination hard to beat! I thought it would be fun to learn to read a barometer so when the big storm clouds come down the canyon, we can relate that to what the barometric pressure is. So John got a barometer for Christmas! I got a super bicycle - I have been told that when I can ride the bike two miles up hill from our house, then I can ride it to town. Since "town" is 2 miles downhill and then two miles back up. We'll see. John also got me a bread cook book and a baking stone. I've made bread three times since Christmas; I've never made the free form bread before and it is tasty with that crunchy crust you get with the baking stone.

It was so beautiful outside on Saturday, I couldn't stay inside and took these pictures of the fresh snow and the trees were so pretty. We don't see snow on the trees too often because the wind blows it right off but it was still and so clear (but only about 15 degrees). John is working on a challenge with Gerald Roy's newest fabrics - it will be ready for a fundraising auction at the AQS show in Paducah. No pictures, I guess it is a secret etc.

John is sending the IQA Raffle Quilt off to Sue Nickels today - I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

We have two shows in January, one in Tucson where Kate and Kevin will vend and John and I will be at Road to California in Ontario. Big wintertime driving but so nice when you get there! Stop by and say hello! Stay warm!


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FLO_rancher said...

Nothing more beautiful that snow covering the trees that grace a snow capped mountain. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Eager to see the new project. Drive safely to the shows, my a little quilty angel ride your shoulder. Sew Peacefully DEB};o