Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay, I had a senior and a Friday moment - the miniature Wheel of Mystery Kit is a 4" block not a 3" block.

There was a huge snowdrift in our driveway Friday when we got to Red Lodge so we walked in carrying only the essentials; duffel bag, quilt project, knitting project and the bread dough.

Baking rustic bread is our new hobby; it is fun and when bread is $3.50 a loaf, it makes us feel thrifty. John made me "peels", those wooden paddles you use to slip the bread into the oven out of leftover poplar. Now we want to make two loaves at a time so I need a bigger "peel". Here is the address for the recipe we have been using from Mother Earth News. Search for Artisan Bread We bought Kate the bread cookbook in the article for her birthday - it all sounds so yummy.

John is finishing up his Seven Sisters quilt. It is big and very nice in warm plaids. Photos to follow.


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