Monday, February 16, 2009

Washed Up

We spent a quiet weekend, John quilting like mad with the Janome and its walking foot and Brooke working on the Tax Return. We washed these little quilts. Kate just finished quilting the 6" Wheel of Mystery and John quilted the 12" Storm at Sea and another one of those cute miniatures.

Quilts always dry fast in Montana. When we go to more humid climates and hang the quilts in the booth, it is nice because the weight and humidity take some of the folds and wrinkles out. I have some folds and wrinkles myself....


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Charlotte Angotti said...

Humid climates will take out the wrinkles in all of us. That is why we Southern women have such nice skin! If it works for us it should work for quilts, too.
Thank you for noticing!
Nice work, too.

Your Southern friend,
Charlotte Angotti