Sunday, June 7, 2009

June in Montana

We had our sew-in and barbecue in Red Lodge this weekend. Here is a summary; we ate, did Crosswords and Sudoku and read, we sewed, we slept, we ate waffles, we sewed, we fished, we barbecued and played games, we ate, we sewed and played games, it snowed, we ate and played games, we slept, we ate fresh caught fish, we sewed, we played games, it kept snowing, we ate, we sewed and played games and it is still snowing. I might have left out some of the times we ate.

Sorry, Peggy and Joan, that this isn't a better picture; we really enjoyed the weekend. John came within micro meters of hitting a deer on the way back to Billings. Did I mention it snowed?



Maria said...

I don´t believe it´s snowing at this time of the year, but as I see you spent a very good time eating, sewing and eating again.
Happy Quilting

FLO_rancher said...

I CAN believe it is snowing in June. A miracle in Nebraska we have had 6 inches of rain in June. Last year between June and Dec..we had only 3 inches of rain. This is wonderful, drought relief finally. This might be the year you see Snow all twelve months in the year. This is much better than too much heat, but is hurting our garden growing season.
Glad John missed the deer. Drive safely. Sew Peacefuly.
I love the natural warm feeling of your pine walls in your home. Enjoy

Mary Lou Weidman said...

It is so fun to see the photo of Joan! Hey Joan you and Peggy still look young and pretty! Hey when I worked at Yellowstone and snowed like crazy on the 4th of July.
Buy more canned goods and never know.