Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guild Program Chairs - Note :)

First things first - here are pictures of the very cute projects John put together for the Ohio students who missed their classes because he got so sick. We will have the little Arabic Lattice in the catalog one of these days, but the fabric for the Braided Flag is all gone! I think they both turned out great; we just mailed the last of them out today.

So here is a way to save your Guild some money - John has an idea to help quilt guilds cut down on their travel costs. Since he spends so much time driving to shows already, he can leave a couple of days early and teach for guilds that are along the route. That will completely eliminate those expensive airline tickets. So, if you are Program Chair for your guild and interested for 2010, call me at 800 745 3596 or email so we can see what might work. Or let your Guild Chairman know. There is a link to the 2010 Schedule on our website. Go to Teaching Information and you can print it out.

John called me today from Quilt Camp in the Pines. The bagpipers are there and tonight is Pub Night. Loud music and cold beer will be involved.


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Doina said...

I like the things you have made and show on your blog!