Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We love living at Red Lodge and seeing the wildlife. But.

Here is what happened. I had been outside in the front and heard a screechy racket - I thought it might have been the folks across the creek clearing or sawing or some such. After a few minutes I went out on to the back porch and it became apparent the noise was an animal calling. As I looked, a baby bear came thrashing through the high grass and I thought, Oh, how cute and then Oh, where is the mother and by that time I was back inside the house and closing the glass door.

She was up on the porch, with her twins faster than I can tell you, examining the roll of old carpet we took up for our tiling project, rejecting that and still looking for something to eat. Last I saw her she was on a lope through our neighbors' fence and headed for town.

I heard the babies screeching again this morning but did not hang around for a second visit.


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