Thursday, June 10, 2010


We were ready and ripe for Company this weekend.  Two of John's sisters, our niece Perrin and her girls came up for barbecue chicken and bike repair.  While John fixed the bikes, Perrin set up and synchronized our new Wii, a fair trade I would say.  We enjoyed the visit and the girls were quite accomplished bike riders out in our driveway.

Now I will leave to your imaginations the sight of John downhill skiing at breakneck speed on the Wii or me trying to juggle while balanced on a big circus ball.  What an invention!



bettyp said...

Where do you live ? I see in the picture people with coats on . Its nearly 100 over here today !!

Flynn Quilt Frame Company said...

Hi - in Red Lodge, Montana it will be in the 50s today. I think our house is at about 5500' feet. Some days are hot (never, ever 100!)but nights are always cool.