Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spotlight on Brooke

Since I write the blog and, 99% of the time, operate the camera, most of our images are of John.  But my picture was in the local paper last week, along with friends from our knitting group.  We were asked to knit or crochet 12" squares in a color which represents one of the forms of cancer.  The squares then went to Decatur, Illinois where a local Relay for Life group hopes to make the world's longest knitted/crocheted ribbon to promote awareness of cancer.  The Carbon County Arts Guild lets us use a classroom in the gallery for our knitting group; look at the colorful paintings on display right now!  (I am on the very far right, with my gigantic shawl project) 

Then, I feel like I have conquered a small bit of technology.  We made two little videos describing how to address a couple of those frequently asked questions and I successfully got them on our website.  You can see them here; I know they aren't impressive but believe me, I felt pretty triumphant when they worked!  I am the demonstrator in the little videos and John is the photographer/narrator.
Bolt and Rod End  Black Plastic Sleeve  It took us all afternoon!

Have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July.  We will have a small barbecue and spend some peaceful time dog sitting.  I imagine John and Maggie the dog will wear each other out with the B A L L.


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