Friday, September 10, 2010


It has been a hard week; we just got back from the funeral of a favorite friend.  Changes are inevitable but still hard.

So I appreciated the spectacular treat of a double rainbow two mornings ago. 

I don't have much quilting left to do on my IQA Silent Auction quilt; it is a little past due...  Should be able to get that done this weekend. Kate also has a few more stitches to put in; I just saw her leave with the quilt tucked under her arm.  John has a hand quilting project to keep him going if the weather is too cold to work outside.  Oh, and Ocktoberfest is this weekend!

We have an upcoming show in Longmont, Colorado.  They always have nice quilts and, because it isn't a huge show, it is easy to see all the vendors and quilts and the demonstrations!  It is at the Boulder County Fairgrounds September 23 - 25.  Let's hope they have that bad wildfire out by then.  Have a great weekend!


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