Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mostly Finished Projects

John is finished hand quilting the new star quilt he needs for the Road to California Show.  I think it really turned out nice; still needs to be bound and get its sleeve.  He used variegated Jean Stitch thread by YLI.  I will be glad when he is back upstairs with me instead of burrowed down in the basement.  I had a deadline to send the quilts names, dimensions, etc to the show so they could make signs.  John hadn't named the new quilt so I gave it the name "New Star Quilt".  Real imaginative, huh.  My list has 19 quilts on it; twelve "big" quilts and 7 "little" quilts.  It will be a colorful exhibit although there are two white on white wholecloth quilts, "School Figures" and "Little St. Donat's Star".  "Secret Storm"  is pieced out of the one piece of light blue cotton sateen so the weave makes it look like the fabric running horizontally is different than the fabric running vertically.  Quite subtle and fun to look at.

We hand quilt with a group "for pay" every week in Red Lodge and the fees are donated to charity.  This week we were able to take our current quilt out of the frame and a new one will be ready for next week.  We don't know much about this quilt; there is old fabric that was fun to look at.  The quilting is hard to see but we did a sort of trefoil so we didn't have to quilt in the ditch around those big hexagons.  On to the next one.

Kate has this Drunkard's Path pre-cut kit ready to sell; I am supposed to get it quilted in time for the California show.  I love the fabrics and the colors!

John was out in the yard this morning, digging in the snow for our friend's missing cell phone.  It was, of course, turned off so we couldn't even call it.  This afternoon, his son came out with a metal detector and the lost is found,.  It only took 40 seconds, Kate says!


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