Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Do You Have to Share?

John, Kate and I are back from the Road to California Show.  Now, in fact, we are packing up for the next two shows, SewExpo in Puyallup, Washington and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Virginia.  There are lots of templates to cut, clean, bag, price and pack.  The lasers never complain, but the humans sometimes do.

I was so tickled about a month ago to run across a really nicely done Storm at Sea Miniature done from one of Kate's pre-cut kits.  The quilter bought the kit in Houston so she is pretty speedy!  There are lots of pieces in the miniature kits, even though they are only about 14" x 18" when done.  Sandy added some sashing and a border.  She gave me permission to link to the photos on her blog   Arrow down or search for Storm at Sea.  You can go to our website to get one of these little kits for yourself! 

So, if you have pictures of finished or unfinished projects, we would all love to see them!

I hope the snow and wintery weather aren't causing you too many problems.  We got to test the 4 wheel drive capability of our new Honda last weekend.  Snow really flew when we plowed through the big drift in our driveway! 


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Sandy said...

Thanks for your very kind comments about my little quilt, Brooke! As I said on my blog, this kit is *really* easy to do, since it's so precisely cut. It was such fun to do. :)