Friday, November 14, 2008

Cat Naps

So many quilters have cats. I think the cats around here have us; or tolerate us anyway. John has wanted to make a "cat tower" for over a year. In fact, this giant piece of 1/2" wall PVC pipe has been laying outside in the parking area for a long, long time. It is 8' tall and 18" in diameter and made a really good parking stop - you can see it still has mud on it from its time outside.

Kate and John really enjoyed making the tower which has little fitted platforms with openings so the cats can go from level to level and an exit on the back to the new food shelf. Anna, the Siamese, does not even pretend to like the cat tower. Patch, who is a little daffy anyway, allows Kate to put him in the tower and then he swarms up and out. His favorite thing in the shop is a cardboard box anyway, so it is tough to compete.

Another of Kate's miniature Storm at Sea quilts was just auctioned off on ebay for the Alliance for the American Quilt fundraiser. John has a little quilted sampler on auction right now. Here is the address ebay

I have started Christmas shopping - our son gave me a list, some of it is things for the computer I have never even heard of. I have things picked out for Kate and her husband, but just on a "wish list" in case I hear any "hints" in the next week or so. John said he wants socks. He always says that. Our "Holiday Special" is ready on the website, if you don't already have a Multi-Frame and Stand.

Holiday Special

We are heading to Red Lodge this afternoon. The big news in Carbon County right now is the lady who keeps chimpanzees and their escape and all the trouble she is in. One was found running amok down the highway and the other bit a neighbor, so Bad News for the chimps, I'm afraid. Have a great weekend!


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