Friday, November 14, 2008

Errors and Omissions

I just spent a couple of hours writing and proofing our newsletter and bugging both John and Kate to help me with the pattern for the clutch ball. And then I converted it to a pdf file, fluffed it up a little, put both the image and a thumbnail on the website and wrote in that strange and foreign language called HTML. And completely forgot to refer to the clutch ball pattern in the newsletter so now no one even knows it is there.

Except if you read the blog, you know it is there and can look for the pattern if you are interested. Simple pattern and instructions are in "Free Lessons". Free Lesson
Scroll way down, it's the last one.

Doggone it, it's hard getting old. Well, I was forgetting things when I was twenty, so it's no real change, I guess. Sometime I will tell the story of finding a turquoise bolo tie we borrowed in a little paper bag in the back of the refrigerator. Not today, though.


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carol said...

can't find the instructions. :-(

Could these be reposted? Thanks,