Friday, November 21, 2008

A Medical Week

Here are the two projects John finished up last weekend. The pinwheel will be a pre-cut kit one of these days. The Glorified Nine Patch is a UFO; you know what that is, I'll bet.

I was brave and went for a general checkup this week and then the blood tests, and feel very pleased with myself. Unluckily, John broke a tooth last night and is all repaired temporarily, at least. Luckily, we aren't somewhere in the middle of the US where we don't know any dentists, that was a good thing. So that's enough medical encounters for us for a while.

John is starting a new quilt, a version of his Five Pointed Star that has a very Native American flavor. But really what we have to do this weekend is clean, since Thanksgiving will be at our house this year, hurray! I'm ready to start doing samples of the embroidery for my bed skirt, so if we get enough cleaning done, we'll both have projects.

Take care


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