Monday, March 9, 2009

Dallas Here We Come

Well, John is already on his way to the Dallas Quilt Celebration via three workshops and two lectures in Nebraska. Kate and I got him out the door Friday afternoon, whew! He had a good drive over and missed the six inches of snow we got yesterday. And it is cold. Won't be cold in Dallas, though. I am flying down early Wednesday and will set up the booth while John judges.

I'm pretty excited; I bought us a Wii and it came today. Kate did the hookup and it's ready to go. We have the basic Sports games and also the Balance Board so tonight I will see if I still remember how to hula hoop.



Heritage Quilter said...

You will love your Wii. Just be careful. Sore muscles are soon to follow.

Glen Kitto said...

Hey, John. Came & listened to you in Dallas. Yes, I was the one guy in the show. I was invisible for only 25 minutes. Ha. Great presentation. Would love to come learn from you some time.