Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Next Show

Well, the Wii is fun; it makes me laugh! John hasn't had time to use it yet but I am having fun, fun and am sore so it must be working.

Our next show in in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Amish country. It is a very nice, well-run show and in a really beautiful part of the country, although we have been there several times when it was cold, rainy and even snowy. But it's spring and one of my favorite sights is the big, bright forsythia bush on the golf course of the convention center where we vend. There are no flowers yet in Montana, believe me.

One morning while we were at breakfast, we looked over to the field across the road and saw a young Amish boy in his black trousers, white shirt and suspenders chasing three horses who had escaped somehow. Horses have so many more feet than humans - it really is hard to catch them but he was really giving it a try. The very first time we vended in Lancaster, I pulled in to the parking lot of the farm and ranch store at the same time as an Amish farmer in his horse drawn buggy. There was a hitching post for his horse and buggy, and he just jumped out and headed in to the store like any other farmer. No Starbucks cup in hand, though. I have to admire the nerves of steel of the Amish drivers and the big horses they use to pull their buggies in all that motorized traffic.

I am changing the website and it should be ready soon. We will start trouble shooting it next week and I think it will be a lot more fun for quilters to use. Kate is finishing up some of her custom cut quilt kits and John has produced a forest of quilts on frames for his Machine Quilting class in Lancaster. Patch, the cat is amazed and a little offended since the frames are kind of in his way.


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