Wednesday, March 18, 2009


John and I are back from vending at the Dallas Quilt Celebration; what a great group of volunteers and quilters. John was one of the Judges and gave a lecture; other than that, he was Demonstrator in Chief. We had a good show and liked our neighbors which, believe me, is an important part of having a good show. I did most of the set up while John was judging and every once in a while, I could hear him laugh, so I don't think there was much disagreement among the judges.

Again, I took no quilt pictures. I will get better at blogging one of these days. It just doesn't seem to be what is dominating my mind while setting up the booth and getting to and from work. I will do better at our next shows, the Quilter's Heritage Celebration in Lancaster and the AQS Show in Paducah.

John's Judge's Choice was an interesting wall hanging by Julie McKenzie Rushing called "Old Alton Bridge". It is an abstract portrait of a historic bridge near Denton, Texas and, while not in in a style that John could duplicate, it is A Bridge, which John dearly loves. There is more to the story of the bridge; it is supposedly haunted. If I run into this quilt again at a show, I'll be sure to get a picture of it.

I did take pictures on the way home through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming. We saw cattle, horses, camels, buffalo and windmills!

John leaves tomorrow to teach in Great Falls, Montana. It is only 250 miles, a piece of cake.

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