Monday, April 27, 2009

25 Years

Kate and I are back in the office after our annual trip to Paducah. This was the twenty fifth anniversary of the show and it gets better and better. I know I promised to take pictures of the winners, but right in the Show Guide it says not to put pictures from the show in your blog. So you will have to wait to see the winners in the next issue of the American Quilter. They will be better pictures anyway.

I will say that I can't help but be impressed and amazed by the quilts from Japan. Almost always, the handwork and the amount of work is just incredible. I have always loved the combination of piecing and applique and often the Japanese quilts have those in abundance. The miniatures were also a lot of fun to see, full of imagination and skill.

Last week I took an early morning picture of the Ohio River from our hotel in Paducah and this morning a picture of the view up the canyon from our home in Red Lodge. Beauty is everywhere.

John will be driving in soon and I think he stopped at an antique store on the way home. What treasure did he find?


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