Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quilter's Heritage Celebration

All three of us are back from vending and teaching at the show in Lancaster. John enjoyed his students and Kate and I had some good visits with quilters who stopped by the booth.

We had breakfast with our friend Nancy Johnson-Srebro who has always been a good, generous friend to us and whose cutting and piecing accuracy are legend.

We managed to take a few pictures - here are pictures of the awesome "Best of Show" titled "Remembrance" by Dawn Gerber of Hanover, PA. It is handquilted and a real beauty. More pictures soon.

If you have visited the website, please tell me about your experience. It's new, you know, and there are good things and maybe not so good things. It is a work in progress.



PattiCakes said...

I enjoyed meeting all of you & taking several of John's classes. I've had my eye on one of John's frames for quite a while, and after watching Brooke demonstrate it, took the plunge. When I walked in the door with it, my husband said he thought it was a potato rocket/launcher like the ones my son used to make, but assured him it wasn't. I'll break the news to him later that he'll have to help be put it together.

Penny Magas said...

I just visited your updated site - wow!! It's lovely - great job!