Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A little of the history of the 2009 IQA Raffle Quilt - it's a bit of an epic. John and Sue Nickels, who are members of the IQA Board, stepped up to make an emergency replacement quilt for the 2009 raffle. There are some design guidelines to be met and John's design was accepted back in November 2008.

On November 23, he started piecing madly (cut the pieces out on the laser, of course!) and, if you look back in the blog, there are updates as the top grows. By January 5, 2009, it was ready to send to Sue Nickels for machine quilting. She fit the magnificent quilting in to her busy schedule and sent the quilted project back to us as she was leaving for New Zealand.

It is now bound, has a sleeve and is on its way to Chicago to be displayed for the first time at Spring Quilt Festival. We all think it really turned out great - the machine quilting is really, really beautiful and adds so much texture - I hope you get to see it either at Chicago, at Long Beach or in Houston where some lucky quilter will win it! Oh, it's name is "Red Hawk Rising".


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