Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From John's "Studio"

We really enjoyed a few days off around Thanksgiving.  John's sisters cooked the turkey and fixings at our house.  We didn't come back to work until Monday, although we did a little planning and scheduling on Sunday. 

Our friend Faye Labanaris gave John these Double Wedding Ring arcs a few years ago.  She found them in a garage sale.  John redid them using his technique and added the nice natural color Kona for the background and the melons.  Now he is hand quilting it and it looks so nice and crisp!  This is an 18" ring. No, Faye, you cannot have it back!

If you are signed up for our newsletter, you know about the $5 discount on orders $25 or over.  You just use Discount code 5In addition to the discount, we are contributing $5 per order to Heifer International.   It is a wonderful organization and I must admit it is fun to pick out a cow or a llama or a goat or a herd of geese as a donation.  Maybe we'll end up with enough to buy a water buffalo!

The holiday season is upon us - I have a project ready to start as soon as Kate lends me her embroidery floss collection.  Take care out there!


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