Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Culinary Efforts

Well, we made it happily through Christmas.  No travel problems and the gifts arrived on time.  We played some games and even fired up the Wii for a lesson in tennis and in bowling.  John finished the wedding gift quilt.  I tried and tried to embroider a label for the quilt and finally called the Bernina 200 a bad name.  So that project is still to be done.

John barbecued outside even though it was 10 degrees; the barbecue wasn't heating up so he wrapped it in an old demo top quilt.  That worked good and the roast was ready on time!  I wouldn't let him bring the quilt back inside until we were sure it wasn't on fire.

I have been thinking about food a lot lately; the holiday season for one thing and then I just read "Julie and Julia" followed by Julia Child's autobiography "My Life in France".  I enjoyed every word of Julia Child's book and some of "Julie and Julia".  I don't think the cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" is for me but might look at some of Julia Child's later books.  Do read Julia Child's autobiography if you have time; what a remarkable woman!  I know I won't ever buy another of Julie Powell's books, there is nothing like making your readers feel like fools for buying your book to turn them off.

Well, I'm off to debone a brace of ducks and make sauce out of a pound or so of butter; Not!



Kathi D said...

I think you would love Julia Child's book "The Way to Cook." My favorite go-to cookbook of all is "From Julia Child's Kitchen."

Flynn Quilt Frame Company said...

Yes, Kathi, I think I want to investigate both those books. Thanks! I need John to build me a bigger book case for my cookbooks. Hint, hint.