Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A New Miniature

Are you busy with Christmas projects?  Maybe you are getting ready for one of the other special holidays that come this time of year.  Kate just finished designing and piecing this little project.  It is in the catalog now  Catalog, in the Miniature section.  John is working on a quilt for a young couple who got married a month or so ago and I am embroidering on a tree skirt.  Kate used the laser to cut the felt birds for me and they are appliqued  down with fusible thread.  I am enjoying the embroidery and  it is a very, very good time to be working on projects inside. 

It is nippy here, below zero in the day and -15 or so at night.  I know there are parts of the country with tons of snow so I won't complain; you have my sympathy and drive safe!  I have already decided I'm not going to the grocery store today; it is too cold and I am not in the mood to excavate my car from the snow. 

Doesn't hot chocolate sound good about now?  Stay warm wherever you are.


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