Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From the Alzheimer's Booth

Ami Simms, our hero, posted these photos of her booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival before, during and after.  You will see John there helping in a couple of the photos.
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I stole them off Ami's Facebook page.  :) 

Ami's last post said they raised about $54,000 for research from the little quilt auction.  We bought 3 of the little quilts; I wonder where they are packed.

Teams have already formed for next year's "celebrity" faceoff.  I understand sports is still the theme.  So stay tuned for more silliness in support of a good cause.

In all the fun and the excitement of these fundraising auctions, I stop from time to time and remember how hard it was to watch my meticulous, kind, decisive mother slip away from us.  THANKS to everyone who is helping fight this awful disease.


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