Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving News

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was warm, safe and happy.  We had a small group here at Red Lodge and we ate just fine.  There were card games and hand work projects going on so everyone was pretty content and entertained.

John and his sisters also made "honey cake" which is a family recipe and tradition.  There is a special bowl and a special wooden spoon.  I don't get involved; it is a complicated recipe and takes all three of them to execute.  The honey cake is now curing in a stoneware crock; sounds like homemade wine to me.

We have a ton of snow; more came down after our company left on Saturday.  John and I were sitting peacefully at the table when we heard a low roar.  I could feel my eyes widening, wondering what the noise was and then all the snow came cascading off our new metal roof.  It was very entertaining.

I have a knitting project going and John has two quilts in progress for his exhibit at the Road to California show in January.  He is "Featured Artist" which means Kate and I are working the booth this time.  Southern California in January, yes!  One of the new quilts is in the slideshow; John has it ready to hand quilt now.  It is very colorful and will look great in the exhibit, I think.

Watch your email for a newsletter with a Holiday Special on the Multi-Frame.  I just have to figure out how to tell the software to do what I want.  We'll see. If the newsletter doesn't show up pretty soon, just call 800 745 3596 and we will give you the Frame shipping special.  Stay warm.



nativetexangirl said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of Thanksgiving in Montana. I am thankful we did not have snow here in Missouri. :D I have the same Fiesta dishes that you have and love them. Love the quilts and sorry I won't be in warm CA to see them.

Flynn Quilt Frame Company said...

Have you visited this website For Fiesta and Harlequin collectors :)